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Renee Lawrence


Renee is the youngest in charge. With over 7 years of experience in Office of Long Term Living Programs coupled with over 7 years experience in service coordination, Renee brings a specialized approach and new face to ownership. She was determined to create a united and forward moving agency that would be recognized for providing excellent care to the community. A fire burned within her to ensure that not only phenomenal care is provided, but to ensure that she birth the strongest force of coordinators in the state. Renee is focused on giving back to the city that has formulated who she is as a woman, providing better opportunities to those around her, and staying on top in such a rigorous field. This young lady has fought through many obstacles to be able to stand today as the one of the youngest agency owners in Philadelphia. Renee enjoys taking care of her beautiful 6 year old daughter, and encouraging others to be there best versions of themselves. Look out for her!

The crew that grinds, SHINES!

Ms. Angeline Davis

Supports Coordinator

Angeline brings a specialized Masters Degree in behavioral health. She has attended Both Cheyney University where she graduated, and now attends St. Josephs for her continuing education. She is responsible for molding, training and up keeping our powerful staff of service coordinators. Angeline does this along with quality management to ensure our participants remain happy and stable within the agency. We are proud to announce that Angeline is also the owner of her very own Non - Medical Transportation company. Angeline is a vital piece of our great staff. And we look forward to her up and coming business venture!

Ms. Tiffany Smith

Service Coordinator - Aging Participants

Our newest and well loved service coordination specialist Tiffany Smith is a fresh addition to the Philly Human Services Family. Tiffany brings her sweet personality, compassion for caring and unmatched erudite to the agency. Tiffany currently attends Newman University for a Specialized degree in Psychology while maintaining a caseload within the agency. Her specialized caseload consists of a diverse group of participants with a concentration in our geriatric locality over 60. She aspires to be a Psychiatrist. We are so happy to have her apart of our team to execute the vision!

Ms. DJenne' House

Lead Service Coordination Specialist

Our Lead service coordinator and client support specialist DJenne House is a vital and key addition to the Philly Human Services Family. DJenne brings over 6 years experience in healthcare, geriatric medicine, and long term care. She exudes professionalism, empathy and compassion for our participants. DJenne holds a specialized caseload with a key concentration in arduous participants. Her skills do not go unnoticed. She provides a delicate and proactive approach to waiver services that cannot be masked. We love her!